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Welcome to SIBE International
AB SIBE International is a leading manufacturer of industrial nozzlebased and high-pressure humidification systems. The marketing name for these are SIBE SWED-FOG®.

Among our customers in Sweden are for example Volvo, Ericsson, Dagens Nyheter, Duni, Strålfors, Mölnlycke, Electrolux, Södra Timber, Mälarskog, Samhall, Saab-Scania, Modo,Operan, Akademiska Hus.

We can supply by our own manufacturing or by leading agents, all imaginable applications in the air treatment area that are required whether it is warm or cold systems - compressed air or not.

AB SIBE International are at the moment also represented in Finland, Denmark, Norway, United Kingdom, Scotland, Ireland, Wales, Turkey, Belgium, Holland and Estonia.

For us the function solution are determining, with consideration of the total economical result. Based on this our engineers or regional agents supply the market with all needs and requirements.
Populära produkter Call us at +46(0)8-564 849 50 for further information.
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AB SIBE International, Mamrevägen 3-5, 163 43 Spånga, Stockholm, 08-564 849 50,